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Email Tracking and Reporting

Advanced Email Marketing Tracking

With any email campaign it's vital to monitor the success. Our email campaign management solutions provide advanced reporting and analytics to enable you to track the performance of your broadcast and use that information intelligently to make informed decisions in future campaigns.

Email Tracking Features

Using our Managed eMarketing Solution you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How many emails were sent?
  • How many emails were delivered successfully?
  • How many emails bounced back?
  • Who read/opened my emails?
  • How many times were they read/opened?
  • Which links were clicked and by who within the email?
  • How many times did each recipient click those links?

Emarketing Tracking and Reporting - Screenshots

Email Tracking Example Screenshots
See some examples of our email tracking reports

Email Marketing Analytics

It would be unthinkable to have a website without installing some kind of anayltics on the site. In the same way it would be absolutely crazy to run an email campaign effectively without the use of analytics. The so called "fire-and-forget" email sending that has traditionally been used is simply hit and miss and does not enable you to get any constructive feedback about the success or otherwise of your email campaign.

Using EmailJunkies Managed eMarketing Solution allows you to see which newsletters are most effective with the target audience and also allows to segment customers based upon link popularity within the emails. Future mailings can then be targeted to a specific list of customers who we know are interested in a particular product or service based upon their click-throughs in past email newsletters.

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