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Managed Email Marketing

eMarketing Solutions

EmailJunkies offer an intuitive online email marketing solution. You can choose to manage all aspects of your email campaign yourself via the web-based dashboard or alternatively we are happy to manage all aspects for you on your behalf; in this case all you need to do is send us the mailing list with the email addresses of all the intended recipients and we'll take care of the sending.

Web-based Emarketing Dashboard

The dashboard tab provides a high-level summary of the state of your current email marketing campaigns including the quota of emails remaining, current campaigns being sent and any complaints received within the last 30 days.

Email Marketing Dashboard

Subscriber Email Management Tool

The subscribers tab allows complete control for you to manage your email subscribers. You can segment your customers into named lists and manage the look and feel of the opt-out forms.

Manage Subscribers

Email Newsletter Design and Creation

The Create / Send tab allows you to either select from a list or pre-defined HTML email templates or alternatively design and/or upload your own HTML newsletter design using the WYSIWYG editor.

Design HTML and Text Newsletters

Broadcast Email Campaigns

Using the Create / Send tab also allows you to send a test email (up to 5 addresses at a time) and then when ready broadcast the email to your selected subscribers. Subscribers can originate from different lists even with the option to filter out certain sub-sets of users who appear in other lists. This provides an extremely flexible "slice and dice" approach to email profiling. Should you wish to send emails at as specific time and date in the future this can also be achieved using the scheduled send option.

Send Email Campaign

Email Campaign Reporting

Once the campaign has been sent tracking statistics start to be collected. Using EmailJunkies advanced email tracking and reporting you'll be able to see how users reacted to the newsletters, what worked well and what didn't giving you a greater insight into their needs, wants and desires.

Email Junkies... more intelligence, more conversions..

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