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  • Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective marketing tool that can get your message out to your customers immediately.
  • Boost sales with existing customers by generating repeat business from offers, cross-sells and up-sells by sending out email marketing campaigns.
  • Not only can you increase sales but, more importantly, if you track your email campaigns you can gain valuable inside knowledge about your customers interests.
  • As technology has progressed email marketing provides an effective way of reaching a large section of your audience since most customers will also have an email address.

  • Emails are a lot greener compared to sending out traditional direct mail via the postal service most of which may end up in the bin.
    In short email marketing is a "no-brainer" for any organisation.

Successful eMarketing Campaigns

You already send out newsletters. Whats different about Email Junkies Emarketing solutions? Well, if you using what we call fire and forget email marketing you are missing out on a wealth of intelligence. Fire and forget emarketing (sending out emails without any intelligent email tracking) is a bit like throwing a dart into the wind; you have no idea where it's going to land let alone if it's even going to hit the target.

Successful email campaigns start with a visually exciting newsletter design, compelling offer or call to action and intelligent tracking. Email Junkies provides exactly this to ensure you get maximum return on what is a very low-cost investment.

Email Tracking and Analysis

With our intelligent email tracking and analytics you'll be a lot wiser about the effectiveness of your email campaign. Email Junkies track who actually received your email, who didn't and why they didn't, who opened it, who clicked on the links within at what time and how often, and what in particular they clicked on.

Knowing your customer's interests, desires and needs enables you to better target them with more relevant information, ultimately resulting in more conversions and more business.

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