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Emarketing Case Study

Email Marketing Customer: Yakult

Yakult rely heavily on email marketing for promotions and special offers. As such they were looking for a professional company with a proven track record of delivering ROI when it comes to emarketing. Using data from their existing customer database, Email Junkies were able to offer their emarketing managed solution to broadcast an email to over 20,000 recipients who had previously opted in to Yakult’s email newsletter offers.

Emarketing Brief

An e-newsletter needs to be compelling and stand out in the recipient’s inbox, so it is important to produce a creative design. Yakult wanted the email to look compelling, to encourage customers to read it, but still in keeping with their corporate branding. The idea was to inform Yakult consumers of a new offer regarding a free healthy recipe book. Within the email Email Junkies created links which directed the customer to the correct landing page on the Yakult website where they could register for their free book, enabling the customer to receive their free offer with ease.

The benefit of using the Email Junkies eMarketing managed solution is the advanced tracking and reporting capabilities. Having sent the email broadcast Yakult were able to login to their online Email Junkies account and view the delivery reports. They were able to see how many emails were sent, were they delivered successfully, how many bounced back, who read the email and when, what links did they click on and how many times. This advanced reporting and analytics enabled Yakult to track the performance of this broadcast and use that information intelligently to make informed decisions in their future marketing campaigns.

Additionally, through this advanced tracking web based application Yakult could see just how effective email marketing really is as they could view how many customers registered for the offer via the link from this Email Junkies broadcast. Furthermore, by viewing the bounce back data Yakult were able to update their customer mailing list and remove any invalid email addresses from their system.

Yakult were so pleased with the results and intelligence of the Email Junkies eMarketing solution that they now send out monthly e-newsletters.

Yakult HTML Newsletter Design

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