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Email Marketing Compliance

Email Marketing Compliance Rules

Email Junkies does not allow the sending of unsolicited commercial email, or "spamming", under any circumstances. In fact, the service has been designed specifically to give legitimate marketers an alternative to sending unsolicited emails.

Anti-Spam and Privacy Regulations

All users of our service have to agree to abide by both the CAN-SPAM Act and the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications.

Note: Please refer back to the original source documents before placing any reliance upon the concurrency of the PDFs on this site.

Best Practice Emarketing Processes

Email Junkies have the following processes in place to detect and help prevent spam being sent via our service:

Physical Address

All emails must contain a physical mailing address within the body of the email

Customer Consent

Emails are only sent to those recipients who have either previously opted-in or had their data collected in relation to a prior commercial communication

Unsubscribe Link

Each email must also allow the user to opt-out from receiving additional email marketing communications

Random Email Verification

Campaigns are randlomly reviewed by human intervention before being sent to check their content is appropriate and not mis-leading

From and Reply-To Verification

We verify that all from addresses are fully legitimate to prevent spoofing

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