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Optimising Emails for Mobiles

Given the amount of people checking their emails on mobile phones and blackberries you should consider optimising your email broadcasts for mobiles before sending. Screens on mobile devices are obviously much smaller and therefore email subjects and text needs to compelling so that the user will read the whole email.

People aren't very likely to purchase from your website using a mobile but they will definately be inclined to check back later on if it is of interest to them. If the user skips past your email whilst checking on their mobile, they are not likely to go back to it later.

Here are a couple of tips for optimising emails for mobile devices;

- Keep the email text concise, users on iPhone's or blackberries will only scan through messages and will be deterred by large chunks of text.

- Make sure the most important and compelling pieces of information are at the very top of the email so users will be draw in and won't lose attention. This is key for any email broadcasts, targetting any types of users.

- Include a text version of the website for users with mobiles that won't display HTML email designs.

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