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Who's likely to open your emails

Unlike Direct Mail Marketing, Email Marketing campaigns can produce a huge amount of useful data even with a low conversion rate. The traceability of such campaigns means that databases can be enriched and focus groups established based purely on the bounce rates, email open rate and click through rates.

Interestingly enough the data worldwide is pointing to a different set of habits based on email providers chosen by many recipients. The major players: Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail and AOL are still the major players in webmail and while Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL users only opened between 20-25% of Marketing emails, Gmail users can be seen to open 30% of these mails. By this measure if your database is made up of mainly Gmail addresses you are likely to see a 5-10% greater rate of emails being viewed.

The most intriguing result is actually the click rate of these emails, those recipients who not only opened the email but also clicked the link within the email to view the full information, or take advantage of the offered promotion. This figure is normally assumed to be around 5% and indeed figures show that Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL fall into the 4-4.5% band for click rates. Gmail shows this figure to be 7.4%. nearly double the click rates of the others!

Currently Gmail is undergoing a huge flux in its demographic, user levels are lower than both Hotmail and Yahoo! but are rising rapidly. This willingness to open and click on promotional emails may be a result of a user base that is new to the system or it could be a constant indicator of the type of person who opens and maintains a Gmail account. only time will tell but if we are to hedge our bets and assume that this is an unstable trend it would be wise to email out to Gmail addresses now while Gmail users are indicating an amiability towards email marketing.

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