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Split A/B Testing

Split A/B Testing is the term used for having multiple creatives and then testing which gives the best results. It is a technique used throughout marketing and is becoming more and more popular as businesses are very keen to get everything exactly right, and testing definately helps to do this.

In this case you would write 2 or more emails based on the same campaign topic to then use the advanced tracking and reporting to see the results, which were opened and which generated the most clickthroughs.
Once you have these results you can take good points from both emails to create the most successful and optimised email to give you the highest possible return on investment or ROI.

Due to the countless number of different markets that you may be targetting with email newsletters you should not use the same text for all as it will not be appropriate. It is important to have suitable creatives for every market and product you are selling or advertising, otherwise you are unlikely to draw users to open your email. Another point to remember is that different users will obviously be attracted to different benefits of the same product so to ensure that you are reaching everyone you need to vary the broadcasts.

As a knowledgeable emarketing management company we know how important this testing is and therefore know the best ways to help your campaign succeed.

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