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How to Write an Appealing Email

Although there are many benefits of email marketing there is one thing which turns a lot of people away from it which is the knowledge of the amount of spam that users receive on a daily basis and the fear that your email would get mixed with this spam and not read. As experts in this area we want you to make the most of e-marketing without wasting any money, so we would like to help you to write your email so that it gets the attention of your users straight away.

You have an average of 3 seconds to draw the attention of the recipient before they decide to delete it as spam so you have to make sure that the subject header is extremely appealing. We find that the subject of the email should be less than 5 to 8 words and straight to the point so users know what the email is about from the first instance. Key points to remember when writing your header;
-Be short, clear and compelling
-Summarise your marketing campaign and highlight the main benefit
-Don't make it too gimmicky otherwise it will be assumed to be spam

Once you have got your email opened the recipient needs to want to click on the link within it and be interested in what you are saying, remember that they will be looking for any advantages or benefits. You need to be clear about the point of your email without making it too long, if there is paragraphs of text then it will immediately look dull and most likely won't be read. You also need to make the email personal to the recipient, even if you are sending a newsletter to hundreds of subscribers, make it sound personal to each one by using less formal and natural.

Lastly, you need to test your email. Try using Split A/B Testing to see what works best for you, which you can find out using advanced email tracking. E-marketing is just like any other form of marketing and needs to worked on over a period of time to get the most out of it so don't rush it and keep testing and reading aloud to make sure it's perfect.

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