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Tips on Building your Opt-in Email List (Part 2)

To continue with advice and tips on building your opt-in list and succeeding in email marketing I would now like to discuss 3 key elements in creating a mailing list.

If you create a members only area on your website then the User will have to at the very least supply their name and email address to gain access to this area and therefore you will capture their details, which can be added to your opt-in email list. You just need to make sure you give the User something tangible to encourage them to sign up to the members' only area e.g. an article. You could even give them a teaser and then they have to opt-in to read the rest of the article.

Another useful tip to get more people to sign up to your mailing list is if you add a clear, high res image or graphic of your e-newsletter (or previous newsletters) next to the sign up form this will likely increase your conversion rate, as this gives the User an idea of what they will receive if they opt-in. Remember it's all about relationship building because you don't just need an email list, you need a responsive list.

My final piece of advice, and one that is going to help you with online marketing in general, you should use social media websites like Facebook, as these are a great way to build email lists because so many people join them and use them every day. So take advantage and build that contact list.

Successful email marketing campaigns start with building a responsive email contact list. As emarketing specialists, Email Junkies can provide further advice on how to do this and subsequently can offer their managed emarketing solution to carry out the email broadcast. Please contact us for more details.

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