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How To Generate a Mailing List

Before you can start sending out email broadcasts you need a mailing list to send the emails to and this can be very hard to come by, especially considering all of the compliancy rules you need to adhere to.

The most obvious way to build up a mailing list would be to have a notification on your website requesting users to subscribe to your newsletter. You will find that lots of users who are interested in your products and services may add themselves to this list even if they don't actually purchase any products. You must remember that you need their consent to add them to your mailing list and so you cannot add existing customer email addresses to the list without notifying them and giving them the option to opt-out. A good way to do this would be to add a line of text regarding email marketing during the customer registration process.

A lot of big companies use competitions as an easy way to get leads as the user will have to enter their email address and accept terms and conditions to enter the competition. If you can advertise a good prize then it will draw lots of attention from your users, even if you only have 1 winner, customers will still give you their consent.

Make sure to have your newsletter subscription or competition banner on the homepage of your website as this will get the most traffic and help you to receive the highest amount of subscribers.

If you are looking for more than just email addresses and need more personal data collected in order to be able to send your email broadcasts efficiently, then be sure to have the fields for this data on the first page so the users will be more likely to fill it out. If a user sees there's pages and pages of forms then they are much less likely to complete, you could even have them subscribed after the first page but then redirect them to complete a 'profile' giving you the rest of the data you require.

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