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Tips on Building your Opt-in Email List (Part 1)

The key to successful email marketing comes from building a well targeted and responsive opt-in email list. This is due to the fact that your online marketing success comes from building strong relationships with a big subscriber base.

Just to be clear an opt-in email list is when a User is given the option to receive emails from the company they are buying from or using as part of a service. Legally you need a User's consent to add them to this list otherwise it will be classed as spam and you could get into trouble. Nonetheless, it doesn't matter what you're offering or selling, if you want to succeed in Internet marketing you need to build up an opt-in list for emarketing. As email marketing specialists, we recommend using double opt-in which basically means email subscribers must fill in an opt-in form on your website and then verify their subscription in an email that gets sent to them, as this reduces any spam complaints.

There are several steps you can take to help build your opt-in contact list. As a 2 part blog this first part covers just a couple of quick tips to get Users to subscribe to your email broadcasts. One way is to make sure it is very easy for Users to subscribe to your opt-in email. It needs to be fast and simple in order to encourage Users to sign up, if there are too many fields then they won't bother. Another useful piece of email marketing advice to help build your contact list is use incentives to reward people for signing up. If you entice prospective subscribers with a free eBook or discount on a product or service this will very promptly get Users to fill out the opt-in form.

We will discuss further email marketing opt-in tips in part 2 of this blog. For additional information on managed emarketing solutions contact the experts at Email Junkies and we can discuss how we can help increase your emarketing conversions.

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