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Forms of E-Marketing

As e-marketing specialists we know the different forms of email broadcasts that you are able to send out and the effects they have on customers. Email newsletters are completely adaptable to cover all types of conversions, please see some examples below;

- Sales promotions to existing customers or to users who have signed up to receive newsletters and are yet to become a customer. Ecommerce websites can especially benefit from sales promotions on emails because it is very attractive to users receiving those newsletters to know that they can click straight through to the site and purchase those products on offer

- Regular business correspondence, one of our largest clients Yakult uses Email Junkies to send quarterly Bulletins to their existing mailing list. Email newsletters don't have to be aimed at sales but can be very beneficial to stay in touch with your customers by updating them on business news and improving brand awareness

- Email greeting cards are another way of sending your clients and customers reminders and information about your business to gain attention and promotion. Christmas ecards are becoming ever more popular to businesses as companies become much more focused on customer service

With the help from a managed email marketing service, you can send these emails with professional designs and then use our advanced tracking system to see the outcome of those broadcasts.

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