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Our Process to Prevent Email Spamming

Email Compliance is extremely important just as every other form of advertising has rules that need to be kept to. We make sure that all of the emails we send out are adhering to these rules and therefore aren't "spamming" any users or contain unsolicited content.

We keep control and prevent any spam mail by using the following 5 techniques;

- Adding a real, physical postal address in the content of the email

- Only sending emails to users who have already opted-in to the service or have given their consent by having their data collected formally

- Including an Unsubscribe link in every email so that the user always has the option to request not to receive additional emails anymore

- The system that we use is setup so that emails are reviewed randomly to check that the content is appropriate and not misleading

- We ensure that all 'from' and 'reply to' email address are verified and are fully legitimate and not spoofs

This tight security process helps you to send out  safe and secure email newsletters to users who are much more likely to read it, and not delete it as junk. Read more about how we prevent unsolicited emails and what it actually means to you or contact us for more information on our managed e-marketing solutions.

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