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One main benefit of using an agency to do your managed email broadcasts is that there is a system which has been built deliberately for that sole purpose. This system is created to make your life easier, you can keep all of the emails, content text, design and images, mailing lists and reports for as long as you wish and everything is in one place.

If you try sending these emails yourself you are likely to lose the mailing list or the original email and you definitely won't have the ability to get statistics back from your broadcast to see how well it went.

Our system gives you the option to upload the mailing list, create and send the email yourself or ask us to do it for you. The system we use is a web-based dashboard so you can logon and view your account wherever you are, as soon as you logon you will see your current balance of email credits and any complaints you have received in the last 30 days.

There is a subscribers section to the system where you can view all of the users who have subscribed to your emails, those who have opted out and manage the look and feel of the opt-out forms. In every email sent from Email Junkies we make sure that there is a link directing the user to the opt-out form so that your subscribers have the option to opt-out of your emails if they wish to, and the system always checks this list before sending out an email.

Have a look at our pricing structures to see if this is suitable for you and please do contact our Email Junkies for more information.

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