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Advanced Email Tracking

Email tracking is a key factor when marketing via email broadcasts and newsletters as it allows you follow where your email is going and if there's any point in it going there.

We have a system that enables you to;

-Track which of your recipients received your email

-Which of your recipients opened your email

-How many times those users opened your email

-Which of your recipients clicked on the link inside the email

-How many times they clicked on that link

By giving you all of this data we're helping you market effectively. You will know who to send your emails to and therefore have the best ROI (Return On Investment) as sending emails that won't be read is a pointless exercise and a waste of your money.

By using these reporting tools you will know that if people are opening the email but not clicking on the link then you need to work on the design and content of that email to gain more interest. Also, if your customers are clicking on the links within the email newsletter but still not purchasing your products or services then perhaps you may need work on your website. Working on areas of your business that need the work will benefit you in the future and keep costs down.

Being able to analyse these features with a Managed eMarketing Solution is very beneficial and makes Email Junkies a great way to conduct your marketing in an easy, low cost, eco-friendly way.

See examples of our proven work by reading testimonials of our happy customers.

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